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Helping Accident Victims Since 2009

Motorcycle Accident Claims is a dedicated division of Easy Claim Limited. We are a one-stop shop for victims of motorcycle accidents and can help you with your accident management needs and personal injury claim. We have assisted thousands of accident victims, from minor injuries such as whiplash and bruises to permanent and life-changing injuries such as fractures and broken bones.

We assist customers throughout the UK, including in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We have a track record of providing excellent service to our customers. Our team of experienced claim handlers can act in no time and deal with your immediate accident management needs, such as recovery, repairs or replacement vehicle and guide you throughout the claim process.

If you have been involved in an accident that’s not your fault, please call us on 0333 600 9250 or claim online.

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We have been helping motorcyclists make a claim following a non-fault accident for over a decade, and we can help
you too. We can help you get compensation for your pains and suffering and damage to your motorcycle and
accessories, which you rightfully deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are motorcycle accident claims?

Motorcycle accident claims is a dedicated division of Easy Claim Limited. We help victims of non-fault motorcycle accidents with their immediate accident management needs and personal injury claims.

2. How can motorcycle accident claims help?

We provide accident management services such as recovery, repair and replacement hire motorcycles. Our experienced personal injury panel solicitors deal with personal injury, rehabilitation needs, and loss of earnings claims.

3. Why should I choose motorcycle accident claims?

We specialise in motorcycle accident claims; therefore, we take away the hassle and worry of managing your claim following an accident so you can get on with your everyday life. We guide and help you throughout the lifecycle of your claim.

4. How long will it take?

Your damaged motorcycle payment typically arrives within a few weeks. Your claim for personal injury and other uninsured losses depends on the nature and complexities of your claim.

5. Why should I use motorcycle accident claims when I have insurance?

Unlike your insurance company, we do not ask you to pay for your policy excess. We do not claim on your insurance policy; therefore, your no claim history should remain unaffected, thus saving you money on the renewal of your policy. If you are making a personal injury claim with your insurance company, they will refer you to a panel of solicitor firms and leaves you to argue your case yourselves. With our industry knowledge and expertise, we can help and assist you at every stage of your claim.

6. Can I make a No Win- No Fee claim?

Yes. Our panel of solicitor firms accept no win-no fee agreement.

7. Can I claim for my motorcycle damage only?

Yes. We can deal with motorcycle damage only claims.

8. Can I claim without being insured?

Yes. We can still help even if you were not insured.

9. Do I need motorcycle insurance to make a claim?

No. We can assist you with your claim without insurance.

10. Can I still claim if an uninsured driver hits me?

Yes. We can deal with claims against an uninsured driver.

11. Will I get any compensation if I was equally or partly blamed for the Accident?

Yes. You will receive compensation equivalent to your entitlement.

12. Can I claim if I was driving someone else vehicle?

Yes. We can help you even if the vehicle is not yours.

13. Can I claim even if I did not have a valid MOT?

Yes. We can help even if you do not have a valid MOT.

14. Do I have to pay any fee to motorcycle accident claims?

No. Our service is free provided you instruct one of our panel of personal injury solicitors firm for your claim.

15. Do I have to pay any fee if my claim is unsuccessful?

Our panel of solicitor firms undertake personal injury claims on a No Win – No Fee basis, which means you will not be charged if your claim is unsuccessful.

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