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Welcome to Motorcycle Accident Claims

We have been helping victims of motorcycle accidents with their accident management and personal injury claim needs for over a decade. So, whatever your accident circumstances and injuries are, it will be familiar to us.
Whether you use your motorcycle for pleasure or work, have a third party only or comprehensive cover, we can help.
Unlike your insurance company, we do not ask you to pay your policy excess.
If you did not have the road tax, MOT, or insurance, we can still help.

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Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Hit from a side road
Hit in the rear
At the roundabout
Hit by an oncoming vehicle
Failed to give way
Lane Changing
Lane Changing
Concertina collision
Failed to give way
Pulling out
Door opening
Powell v Moody (1966)
Harding V Hinchliff (1964)
Pell v Moseley (2003)
Davis V Schrogin (2006)
Beasley V Alexander (2012)
Woodham V Turner (2012)
Jones V Lawton (2013)
Ringe V Eden Spring (UK) Ltd
Brooks V Burgess (1996)
Fagan v Jeffers (2005)

We help clients with all types of motorcycle accident claims. If your accident scenario isn’t showing above, please get in touch with us on
0333 600 9250 or claim online.

Why choose Motorcycle Accident Claims?

No Win- No Fee

No Win - No Fee panel solicitors, so there is no risk to you.

Motorcycle Repair/ Total Loss

Choice of your garage or insurance approved repairer

Salvage Vehicle

Option to keep the damaged motorcycle or receive a total loss value

Injury Claim

Compensation for your pains and sufferings

Loss of Earnings

Lost and future loss of earnings included

Replacement Motorcycle

Like for like replacement motorcycle whilst your motorcycle is off the road.

Interim Payment

Interim payment requested to help you deal with everyday bills

Insurance Policy

We can help regardless of third party only or comprehensive cover.

No Excess to Pay

Unlike your insurance company, we do not ask you to pay a policy excess

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Medical treatment, including physiotherapy and counselling, arranged

Easy Process

We assist you and your solicitor in a smooth process

Clothing and Accessories

Cost of replacement clothing and accessories included


Medical and travelling expenses included

Our clients include drivers from ​

We cover all motorcycle brands, including the following

Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, BMW, Harley Davidson, Ducati, Aprilia, Peugeot, Piaggio, Royal
Enfield, Lexmoto, Wasp, Gilera, Sym and many more

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