Easy Claim Limited

Registered in England and Wales
Company Number: 07007869
Easy Claim Limited is authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 829765)

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Easy Claim Limited is a claims management company and acts as a lead generator. We may receive payments for our professional services from our panel solicitor firms and other service providers. These costs are not passed on to our customers. Typically, customers pay up to 25% of the amount recovered on a successful claim. Panel solicitors firm may apply termination charges, if you terminate the agreement with the panel solicitors firm other than during the cancellation period. You do not have to use a claim company for your claim. It is possible for the customer to present a claim themselves for free, either to the person against whom they wish to complain or with help from their own insurance company. Copyright 2023 © Easy Claim Limited. All rights reserved.